Episode 11.
Title: Able.

My name is Miss Emmanuel Victory, I live in Lagos and this is my true story on the Intervention!


There’s a time when we feel all hope is lost, and that we can never rise up.

There’s a time when the situation looks so tough, and the journey so rough that we are about to give up.

But then something happens. Something beyond our imagination! Something beyond our expectation! Something I call the INTERVENTION!!


I was just ten years old when I had the accident. My younger brother was playing with a stick which I presumed to be dangerous and so I threatened to report him to our parents. In response to my threat, he also threatened to beat me with the stick, and so we started struggling for the stick. In the course of the struggle, my younger brother pierced my left eye by accident. The stick got stuck in my left eye that I found it difficult to pull it out. When I finally did, blood gushed out from my left eye, forming a pool.

My parents were perplexed by the incident. Considering that the event took place on a Sunday and due to some reasons, our family hospital could not render any treatment. So I had to wait till the next day in pain. I was rushed to the general hospital on Monday. When we got to the general hospital I was unconscious, because I had lost a lot of blood. Several treatments, tests and eye surgeries were done and I spent more than a month in the hospital.

The eye was stitched and I was allowed to go home and return back within a few days to remove the stitches, receive more treatments and conduct more tests. Words can’t describe the pain I felt as a ten years old child. It is simply indescribable, especially when I returned to the hospital to loosen the stitches. The doctors didn’t give me anesthetic, I was awake when they worked on my eye with needles and other medical tools. After all the series of basic eye surgeries, tests and treatments, my left eye was saved from being totally condemned. I can see light rays with the injured eye.

To make matters worse, I recently went to the hospital, and the doctors told me that my other eye (my right eye) had an eighty percent chance of glaucoma. And during that period, I lost my Father who was my greatest support, to the brutal hands of a terrorist group called Boko Haram, who butchered and him. The death of my Father was the worst pain I ever felt, because he always supported me and told me that I was never disabled, which made me to excel in school above all my equals, because I was a smart kid. I was so smart to the extent that I wrote my Senior WAEC in SS2 despite the pain in my eye, and I got admitted into the university immediately.


Both reports almost threw me into the pit of depression, sin and fear. And the devil began to bring the idea of committing sin as a healing to the pains I felt within. But thank God for his love, word and promises, I was delivered from that pit. I also thank God for my mum and siblings, whom have been a tremendous support.

After finding Peace and Joy in the Lord in the midst of the storm, the Lord began to heal me. And today the doctors are surprised of how the eighty percent chance of glaucoma in my right eye have disappeared. They are so surprised and can’t explain it, but I know it’s only the intervention of God. I can also remember that I was advised by the doctor a few years back to stop going to school, so I don’t stress my eyes and become blind. But you see, that was their report and not God’s, I am currently in the university and I am one of the best students in my department. This can only be the intervention of God.


The most sticking wonder of God in my life apart from salvation, is the grace to wake up each morning and see the trees, the smiles of my family members, the sky, faces of people, colors and nature. This is a great testimony to me, because I remember a few years back, the doctor told me that the condition of both eyes were becoming worse each day and that the chances of waking up and still seeing were slim, because I could become blind any moment. Fortunately, that is not God’s report, for every day I wake up, He gives me the gift of sight to see His wonders and still know He is God. And the good news is that each day I receive this gift, it becomes better than the former.

Learning to walk with God in the midst of the storm or fire gives you the peace to survive and overcome. It also makes your story an inspiring one and not one filled with self pity and sorrow. Having God in my life has never made me disabled or feel disabled, rather it has made me depend on Him and made me know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Truth be told, I do a lot of great things which people with healthy eyes don’t even try to do. I read a lot, I do a lot of maths solving, I am very good at farm work, I enjoy baking and cooking, I also make body lotions and I love to imagine and see things which the healthy eyes may not see.


In conclusion, I am not disabled, because God in me is able. So whatever you are going through or the pain you’re experiencing, please do know that a walk with Jesus will give you the needed peace to scale through as He demonstrated in Mark 4:39 “And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm”. Always remember to be grateful for what you have, what you can do and who you are.


…writing to save lives


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