There’s a time when you feel all hope is lost, and that you can never rise up.

There’s a time when the situation looks so tough, and the journey so rough that you’re about to give up.

But then something happens; something beyond your imagination! Something beyond your expectation! Something I call the INTERVENTION!!

My name is Iheanacho Francis, and this is my intervention story.



Indeed, patience is a virtue and anyone who possesses it has a great treasure. It pays to wait on God, hear from Him and obey His instructions.

I can’t forget the day my secondary school friend called me on phone to invite me for his convocation in the university. He asked me if I was done with school, truth was, I wasn’t in school at that time. For I was planning to write my fourth post UTME exam, after series of failed attempt to get into the university.

After my conversation with my friend, I refused to be discouraged. I encouraged myself in the Lord and prepared to write my post UTME exam. That year, I got two admissions into the university; I was to choose between,  Mechatronics Engineering (Robotics) and Physics Astronomy!


I remember the period I was preparing to write my Jamb exam, and I lost my Dad. This gave me good reasons to forfeit my academic pursuit, but I didn’t. Rather, I got extra jobs—where I worked all through the day so I could save enough money to pay my school fees. And due to my strong faith in God, God gave me this verse which has consistently ministered to me—PSALM 60:10, The sons of strange men shall build your wall and Kings shall come to your rising.


Truly, God’s word is true. For on a particular day after I got the admission, an unknown lady called me and sent my acceptance fee to my account number. That miraculous act increased my faith in God, and made me realise that God is indeed good and full of mysteries. I’m sharing this with you to encourage you not to give up on yourself for God has not given up on you. He’ll definitely make a way where there’s no way, and His timing is the best, so wait and trust Him!

Here’s my intervention story and I believe that it has blessed you. Please do share this good news to others. I also encourage you to share your intervention story. So what’s your story?



…writing to save lives.


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