My Journey to Motherhood.

My name is Veracruz Damilola, I reside in Lagos and this is my true story on the Intervention Story. Read about my successful journey to motherhood.

Episode 13


There’s a time when we feel all hope is lost, and that we can never rise up.

There’s a time when the situation looks so tough, and the journey so rough that we are about to give up.

But then something happens. Something beyond our imagination! Something beyond our expectation! Something I call the INTERVENTION!!



So today I’ll be sharing my story and journey to motherhood. I told God I was going to share my testimony with a congregation and since the pandemic won’t allow us gather, I’m using this online medium to share how He intervened in my life.


I want to use this to encourage every family going through the process of trying to conceive. This is a reminder that God never sleeps and He answers all prayers no matter how long it takes to see the manifestation.


So after marriage, my husband and I agreed to wait a year before trying to conceive, not knowing God had other plans for us. Fortunately I took in, we weren’t expecting it but we were definitely so happy God blessed us. Unfortunately in the year 2017, we had a miscarriage. Our hearts were broken, but my husband and I kept the faith up. So we immediately decided to start trying again, because the joy we felt when we found out about the pregnancy was unexplainable.


We tried for months, closely watching the calendar, praying and fasting. Fortunately again, in the year 2018 I took in, this time I found out alone and planned to surprise my husband with the good news. I was too happy that I couldn’t wait for the time frame I planned for the surprise. Sadly, we eventually lost the baby. This time, the pain drained our hearts; emotionally and physically. But we never stopped praying.


Fast forward. In the year 2019, I didn’t even know that I was pregnant but a miscarriage happened. When we got to find out, it broke us completely. We couldn’t even tell family members anymore, my husband would hide his tears just so he could console me. I would cry at every monthly signs I see, I gave up this time and said, so now it’s one pregnancy per year, now I have to wait till 2020.


But we had a shift in July, 2019! On our wedding anniversary, coincidentally a prayer was made in church for waiting parents, which I and my husband keyed into. My husband said, “Babe do you know that for our 2020 anniversary, we’ll be celebrating it with our baby?” I immediately said yes and amen, but deep down I was like, “Hmm we’ve had our shot for this year 2019. We have to wait till 2020 before we get another chance.”

My Journey to Motherhood.

Mrs. Vera and her baby.

Oh yes, I doubted the proclamation but it didn’t stop my heart from praying.


In September, I confirmed that I was pregnant; it felt like a dream to me. The doctor also stated that the baby was doing fine, despite how I had stressed myself engaging in various events prior to my finding out. This confirmed God’s promise in our lives; that none shall be barren in our home.
Our bundle of joy came 5th of May 2020!


Sharing my testimony is to encourage every family going through the process of trying to conceive. Please don’t give up no matter how long you think you’ve waited, delay is not denial.


For those going through miscarriages, it’s not a stigma. It is okay to share with someone if you want to, there is nothing wrong with you. So many people are going through the same or worse so you are not alone, and God is not punishing you. He loves you.


And no, I am not preaching, I am just a living testimony that God answers prayers.


Isaiah 66: 9
Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.


Here’s my intervention story and I believe that it has blessed you. Please do share this good news to others. I also encourage you to share your intervention story. So what’s your story?



…writing to save lives.

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