My name is Okoro Ogechi Lilian, I reside in Lagos and this is my true story on the Intervention Story.




There’s a time when we feel all hope is lost, and that we can never rise up.

There’s a time when the situation looks so tough, and the journey so rough that we are about to give up.

But then something happens. Something beyond our imagination! Something beyond our expectation! Something I call the INTERVENTION!!




I graduated in 2016, but did not go for my National Youth Service afterwards as a result of a delay in accreditation. Finally, my accreditation was successful in 2019 and alumni in my department were called to serve. 

I felt relieved that alas I was going to serve, but like a quick storm, another delay came again; I was not mobilized. I was the only one with that issue, to the best of my knowledge. 

I contacted my school, made enquiries and I discovered that there was an error with my registration number.

I prayed about it, and by God’s grace it was corrected and I was mobilized.

I did all the needed registrations and I was set to resume camp.  On my arrival, the devil showed his ugly head again and I was denied the final registration at the camp due to the fact that the signature of the registrar on my certificate was different from the one the authorities at the camp recognized, because the registrar who signed my certificate had been changed.


What?! This can’t be!! Not again, please God!! I cried.


I cried bitterly and I was beginning to get confused. My colleagues and friends encouraged me to be strong and prayerful. So, I made a short prayer with faith and headed to the office of the authorities in charge of the registrations at the camp. After discussing with the personnel and waiting for five hours, God finally vindicated me. I was cleared and today as you read my story, I am proud to say that I am a Corp member.


Thanks to Jesus, His timing is always perfect because God’s time is the best. My story indeed reminds me of God’s love as stated in His word in Romans 8:32He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things? The above scripture means that, there’s nothing too hard for God to do for us, all we have to do is serve Him and have faith in Him. 

So what’s your Intervention Story?




…writing to save lives.

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