Where Lies Thy Validation?



Take a pause and think.
Take a pause and reason.
So that thou will not stumble,
And thy ruins become terrible.

Take a pause and ask thyself this question,
‘Where lies my validation?
And by what standard do I access my worth?”
For thy answers determine thy destination.

Thou art constantly seeking; constantly searching,
To satisfy the burning desire within.
A desire to feel valued and welcomed,
Which drives you to visit many kingdoms.

To the kingdom of social gadgets you travel, yet you’re not satisfied.
To the kingdom of accolades from friends and lovers, still not satisfied.
You pay a visit to the comments and likes that sing your praise,
But you still feel unsatisfied, because you desire more to your name.

Oh my dear man, wake up from the illusions thou has built,
And find out what thy Creator says and thinks of you.
For to be all of who you’re meant to be,
Weigh and access yourself by the standards of the true King.

For His standards are TRUE, and they are built to bring out the best in you.



…writing to save lives.


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